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Terms and Conditions

Welcone to! provides some of services with the regulation which is in this document. When you visit to site and use the service features which is provided by, it means that you already agreed with the relugations in force. Therefore, make sure that you already read carefully the relugations in force.


Please take a look our Privacy Policy to make you more understand about our policies.

Electronic Communications

When you are using the service feature from or sending our electronic mail (e-mail) or by installing the announcement on webiste. You have agreed that all types of electronic communications which is conducted by both parties having legal force that is the same like if you make a communications on a paper.

Booking and Purchase The Product / Service

Except otherwise specified, act as an agent to the third part of provider and distributor for all of products and services which purchased  by you on this site. You can make a reservation or make a payment of product and service on this site. The transaction of sales and purchasing the product and service can be done via online in electronic form on this site with with your acceptance to the product and service which is offered on the site of the third part of provider and/ or distributor and/ or anything else which is declared. You are responsible for checking that reservation which is conducted containing of the right informations (such as date, name and time) before continuing to the payment step. and the third part of provider and distributor have a right for the information which is contained in your reservation and do not responsible for any mistake of your reservation.

Every order that you make on this site, the complete information according to your reservation and the review of it will be sent to you via email confirmation automatically by the system. Additional / advance information will be acted upon by service center if it is required.

You may be involved by the terms and conditions which are imposed by the travel service provider for  everyone whom acts as an agent including the condition of carriages, refund and flight cancellation policies, overland journeys, concert events, etc. do not responsible for any demand to the customer about non-fulfillment of, or unsatisfactory of the product and service which is purchased on your behalf your name by from the third part of service provider and distributor, but not limited to the airlines, travel, concert event, insurance companies, and other entities. When the airline and other travel service providers move passengers to another flight or change the flight schedule, is not responsible for the incident.


Payment can be made through this website by Credit Card or Mandiri Clickpay or Epay BRI or Danamon Online Banking or CIMB Clicks or payments with Alfa Group network or bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, then you have to confirm the payment or contacting customer service as soon as possible after you have made the payment. Otherwise, your payment may be not visible, so that may result in a delay or even a cancellation of your reservation. Please note that your reservation will be automatically canceled if you have not made the payment yet or has not received the payment confirmation yet within 6 (six) hours after you have made your reservation. Your reservation will be confirmed and a valid electronic ticket or valid payment confirmation will be issued only if the payment has been received on bank account. Make sure you keep the evidence of payment, either with credit card, internet banking or bank transfer. 

Customer is then required to complete the payment and if the transaction settlement has been successfully finished, we will send the original ticket by e-mail to the e-mail address which is in the customer personal data within 1 (one) hour after the confirmation process has been finished.

Make sure you check your e-mail after doing the payment and make sure that you have received the e-mail which has the same data like the reservation that you have made before. You have to tell us either via email, chat or call center up to 2x24 hours after the payment is made if you do not receive the email which is suitable containing your reservation. We are not responsible for the complaints of non-acceptance of tickets and complaints incorect ticket after 2x24 hours after payment is made.

The customers are required to save the evidence of payment if it is sometimes required for the payment confirmation process. We guarantee the security of your personal data by using Arenatiket services.

All of your personal information we protect completely. The secrecy of the information that you record in Arenatiket, we will be taken care for your privacy. Arenatiket may change and upgrade the terms and conditions of this site any time. We will annunce the changes on the site and e-mail if it is required. Changes about the terms and conditions will apply immediately after added on the site.

Cancellation of buying

Terms and conditions for cancellation of orders and purchases will be various for each product and service, which you can ask through Arenat customer service during office hours. If there are no terms and conditions for a particular product or service, you may cancel your order or purchase by contacting customer service during office hours. Cancellations, on behalf of your request, may not be allowed or may require a different minimum processing time, according to the terms and conditions applicable specially to the type of product or service which is purchased. Cancellations may be charged to a cancellation fee that you agree to bear in full. Please note that airfare cancellations are not allowed. You agree to bear the full cost of cancellation, reservation and administration fees for any product or service which is ordered but not using for any reason. In some cases, Arenat may charge a cancellation fee and / or change other fees than those imposed by travel service providers. If it happens to be transferred to our account, Arenat can not be guaranteed about your fund in cash, but your fund can be used to make a transaction according to the fund that you have transferred into our account. If you make a purchase transaction with a nominal amount is more expensive than the fund  that you have transferred, you will be confirmated by us to add deficienciy.

Change of Information

Terms and conditions about ordering changes and purchasing changes will be various for each product and service. You may change your order or contacting customer service during office hours. You can also send email / SMS to customer service. However, may take up to 1 (one) one business day to respond the email requests. The change, at your request, has to be received by at least 5 (five) days before the trip is made or the service is used to be effective and may be charged any administrative fees that you agree to bear in full. Change of Informati for flight ticket are not allowed.

License and Site Access give permission to access and use the features of this site for personal using. does not allow you to download / download (except caching) or make any change to the information either the whole of it or the part of it, except there is a letter of agreement from

The permissions that we have entered, excluding:

Any kind of sale or commercial using of this site and all of its contents.

Downloading or copying the address data for bussiness and benefit of others. 

Any kind of using: data mining, robots, or any kind similar software (softwares).

This site or any part of this site is not allowed to be reproduced, duplicated, reproduced, sold, or published for commercial purposes without the express a letter of permission from

You are not allowed to do a frame or other framing techniques to enter trademarks, logos and other information (images, contents, layouts, and forms) from and our partners without a letter of permission from us.

You are not permitted to use meta tags or "hidden text"  which using the name without a letter of permission from us.

You are not permitted to use the logo and our other trademarks as the part of this link without a letter of permission from us.

Information strives to provide as accurate information as possible. However, can not guarantee that all forms of description and information on this site will always be accurate, complete, up to date, or free from any mistake.

Disputes and Controversy

All of disputes and controversy which is arising out from or in a connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be arranged by the laws of Indonesia. You hereby agree and obey to the non -exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic Indonesia for any questions and controversies which is arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, the performance and using of this site.

Changes and Updates may at any time modify any part of this site, including products and services and the Terms and Conditions with its own policy without any announcement before and the using of this site will be conditioned on the terms and conditions which is valid at the time when you are using it.

Additional Terms

Additional Terms and Conditions apply to ordering, purchasing products and services and other using of this part site, and you agree to obey with other terms and conditions, including additional terms and conditions applicable in the connection with particular products and services.