Arena Tiket

Frequently Answer Questions

About Arenatiket

Start From basic provides airline booking tickets for domestic and international. In its development has added hotel booking feature. provides the lowest price guarantee for booking airline tickets.

You can book tickets at arenatiket via online with url or via Arenatiket application on Google Play and you can contact us by phone at 0857-9999.3266

Yes, we operate 24 hours nonstop for 7 days in a week.

Yes, we're available in the Google Play app, you can download it at the following link

Payment Method

Information about payment method

You can make payment via bank transfer (BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri), ATM Bersama / Prima / Alto, Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard), Doku Wallet, E-Pay BRI, Clickpay Mandiri, Cimb Clicks, Danamon Online Debit and through Alfamart and Indomaret

For the payment guide you can access the following link

It can't, for once booking make a separate payment using a unique code, please do not round it up. If you book a ticket in a separate reservation please do it separately and do not combine. Rounded or combined payments can cause your ticket fail to be processed.

Flight Information

Information about flight

the price shown when you are looking for an airline ticket is the total price for 1 adult. The total price and the infant's price details will appear when filling passenger data.

For searching return-depart route, the price shown in the beginning is only for the departure route, the price for return route will appear after choosing departure flight. has been integrated with various domestic airlines including: Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, Nam Air, Citilink, Air Asia, Xpress Air, Trigana, Aviastar, Transnusa.

Cancelation / Refund

Information about refund process

The refund policy of airlines is to follow the terms of the airline. The airline may change the terms and conditions of refund any time. Arenatiket will help you if you need help for refund process.

To cancel your ticket / refund you must contact Arenatiket either via call center 0857 9999 3266 or via live chat on the website page. But not all airlines allow to cancel ticket. Such as Air Asia Airline doesn’t allow to cancel the ticket. All you need to know to refund following the rule of the airline. It does not mean to refund you will get return at 100 percent and the time of released can take 2 weeks to 3 months. It depends on the airline.


Information about reschedule process

To change the date or time of departure you can contact your airline call center directly to fly, or you can contact arenatiket at 0857-9999-3266. Every schedule change follows the terms of the airline, usually there is always an additional fee for making a schedule change. Make sure  that you have researched and checked again to change the schedule, the schedule that has been changed can not be returned to the previous schedule.